Lenomed Medical and Infinovo Medical have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly develop and promote the artificial pancreas system (APS)

4 min readOct 20, 2021


Lenomed Medical Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. Today

On October 18, 2021, an innovative enterprise in the field of smart insulin infusion — Lenomed Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lenomed Medical”) and continuous glucose monitoring (hereinafter referred to as “CGMS”) industry leaders — Nantong Infinovo Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Infinovo Medical”) signed a contract to reach a strategic partnership. The two parties will leverage their respective product and technical advantages in insulin pumps, CGMS and control algorithms to jointly promote the development, production and commercialization of artificial pancreatic systems (APS), and are committed to promoting new methods of blood glucose management and improving the quality of life of patients.

An artificial pancreas system (also known as a closed-loop pump) usually refers to an intelligent insulin infusion system composed of a biosensor, a continuous infusion device, and a control algorithm. At present, the most common artificial pancreas system consists of CGMS, insulin pump and closed-loop algorithm. CGMS continuously collects the patient’s blood glucose data. The closed-loop algorithm issues management instructions to the insulin pump based on the blood glucose data and other related parameters. The insulin pump completes the insulin infusion to the patient in time according to the instructions, thus completing the closed loop from monitoring to treatment. This system realizes closed-loop insulin infusion, which significantly improves the effect of blood sugar control, improves the quality of life of patients, reduces complications, and reduces medical expenses.

Lenomed Medical is an outstanding domestic innovative micro-drug infusion system research and development and chronic disease management solution platform-based innovative enterprise. It has been approved by InnoTech® smart insulin pump CE at 2017 and launched it on the market as a new generation of intelligent The insulin pump is recommended by the “Chinese Insulin Pump Treatment Guide (2021 Edition)” for its safe and effective blood sugar control, convenient and user-friendly design, and is included as one of the major insulin pump brands in the domestic market . Compared with similar products on the market, InnoTech ® is one of the few smart insulin pumps with Bluetooth transmission function and mature applications in the global market. This is also one of the important foundations of this strategic cooperation. Throughout the research and development of the most cutting-edge closed-loop insulin infusion system abroad, most insulin pump companies equipped with digital transmission hardware cooperate with CGM companies to achieve fully automated insulin infusion and management through accurate data collection and artificial intelligence algorithms.

As a global innovative enterprise focusing on continuous glucose monitoring (CGMS) product technology, Infinovo Medical has developed the world’s first 14-day calibration-free real-time CGM system,which has been approved by Glunovo® CGM CE at 2019. All parameters of this product have reached the leading level of the whole industry. It can provide real-time high and low blood sugar early warning to reduce the risk of high and low blood sugar; achieve the world’s leading monitoring accuracy and reach the level of medical decision-making; provide various supporting algorithm support based on CGM, including blood glucose prediction, dose calculation, closed-loop algorithm, etc. This is also the strategy One of the important foundations of cooperation. As of 2020, Infinovo Medical’s CGMS products have been sold in 15 overseas countries, and will soon enter the Chinese local market. In the future, Infinovo Medical will continue to focus on breakthrough research in semipermeable membrane materials, dehydrogenase technology, blood glucose prediction algorithms, data mining and interaction, soft needle delivery systems, wireless transmission systems and ecosystems.

The strategic cooperation between Lenomed Medical and Infinovo Medical is a pioneering strategic cooperation and an important milestone in the continuous glucose monitoring system and with insulin pump manufacturers. The idea is a product with both sides in the monitoring and treatment advantages, powerful combination to achieve CGMS and insulin pump data connectivity, thus achieving a closed-loop insulin delivery, providing a full range of high quality innovative blood management solutions for patients with diabetes, improve diabetes The patient’s quality of life contributes to the effective prevention and control of chronic endocrine diseases.

In the future, the two parties will be committed to expanding mutual cooperation in more areas and jointly creating an industry ecosystem for chronic diabetes management.